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News and Events

Special Guest Speaker -

Rev. Todd Bailey is with is this Sunday, Sept. 14th. Please join us..

Wednesday Evening Prayer School -

Starting this week, Sept 17th at 6:15pm in the sanctuary..

Wednesday Evening Bible Study -

Start at 7:00pm this. Be there!

Annual Picnic/Water Baptism -

This year's event is scheduled for Sunday, Sept 21st at 1:00pm and will be held at Christine and Keith Schubert's home.

Trunk Or Treat -

This is our Halloween event for the Norwalk Community. Last year we had over 1500 kids and we are looking for a bigger and better event this year! It will be held on Friday, Oct 31st from 6pm - 9pm in our church parking lot. If you can host a trunk please let us know!

Young Couples Group -

It's for those 18-30 year olds, married or unmarried! See Tommy and Jennifer for more info.

We Are On YouTube -

If you have missed any of our services, you can catch them on our brand new YouTube channel. Just go to www.youtube.com/wordalivebiblechurch and subscribe. New sermons are being uploaded daily.

Life Christian Bible Institute -

Are you looking to get degree in Theology or maybe just looking to learn more about the Bible? We have partnered with Life Christian University in Tampa, FL and are an official extension campus for them. You can take classes with us and after 4 years matriculate into a Bachelor's Degree. Contact us or download an application and get started on your degree! New Classes are starting on October 6th..

Go to our new website and get more info - www.lcbi-norw.org



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