Word Alive Couples

The key to a successful family, Church and society begins with a strong, courageous and Godly man. Our goal is to encourage the men to take their rightful place as spiritual leaders and be examples.  As iron sharpens iron, we encourage men to become better husbands, fathers, friends, and men.  We are men that are looking to grow and develop their lives and fulfill their God-given destiny.

We are blessed to have Rev. Jon Peters as our Minister of Music and leading our worship team.  Jon has many years of experience as a back up singer for many top artists as well as being a choir director for one of the largest churches in Philadelphia. Our worship style energetic, contemporary and even has a mix of Gospel in it.  If you play an instrument or have a singing voice, we invite you to become part of our team.

Word Alive Kids & Word Alive Youth

Something For Everyone

Our goal is to see lives radically transformed by our works of love.  James said "I will show you my faith by my works".  We are actively engaged in reaching out to our community in times of need.  Whether it's a coat drive or providing thanksgiving dinners to the less fortunate, we do what we can.  In addition, every year we sponsor a short term missions trip to a third world country where we build homes, water filtration systems, and ovens.  We have even purchased a cow for an orphanage so they can all drink fresh milk.  We have already been to Honduras, the Philippines, Greece, and Guatemala. Serving others will change your life forever! 

Word Alive Missions/Outreach

Word Alive Men

We believe that kids are one of the most important investments we can make. We strive to lay a foundation of the Christian life from infants to Teenagers.  We use a wide variety of creative teaching aids to get them excited about making a commitment to follow Jesus.

This age group is excited about life and ready for a relationship.  This group is for all those young couples, in their 20s, that are married or just looking.  We study Biblical principles with young couples and singles, who desire to grow in knowledge of God's Word and how to have a Godly relationship. An interactive group that allow us time to share experiences and learn from each other! 

Word Alive Women

Word Alive Choir


Our women's ministry exists to bring out the true value of women. It is a place where women can connect with God and other women of all walks of life. God created women so amazing, beautiful and capable, empowering them to make a real difference in the world we live. Great women know who they are in Christ and are successful in everything they do.

Here at Word Alive it is our desire to reach every demographic group in the most effective way possible. Having many ministries to meet the needs of any person who walks through our doors is the way that we are able to do so. Below is a list of the ministries that are set up to give you and your family everything that you need in your walk with God.